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Music Writer 

Desanka Julia Ilic

Desanka is an LA based music writer who has her Master of Arts Degree in Music Business from Berklee College of Music. Her explosive passion for music is translated through her work. Desanka's punctuality, organizational skills, and reliability set her apart from the rest, as she can elevate any company to their fullest potential.

90's Pop Princess, Girl Wilde, Living In 2019

Girl Wilde has a sonic physicality that is completely unrestricted by genres, expectations, and trends. 

The Perfect Bedroom Pop EP

Pinkish/Blushing is a cohesive collection of tunes featuring whimsical beats and nostalgic vocals.

Cold Coffee Entertainment Blog

I have written every single blog post for Cold Coffee Entertainment's blog.

YSSY Couldn't Have Come 'Sooner' With Their New Single!

The song radiates pop vibes from the early 2000s that transports you into a classic love story.

Lee Brown Is "Not Gonna Buy Your Love"

While having a blast to Lee Brown’s energetic beats and unexpected harmonies, the music video gives you all-the-feels with a Los Angeles based backdrop.

EDC Orlando: Survival Guide

The party won’t stop because you will be too busy showing off your under-water dance moves at their pool stage, letting loose at their indoor stage, and partying with your friends!

Lilly Yan Wants To Get "Lost In You"

Lilly Yan has a gift of transporting her listeners into a dream that you don't want to wake up from. 

Review: Swedish Singer-Songwriter, JANOS, Releases New Single

Having performed with several bands over the years, JANOS took the leap into embracing himself as a solo artist, showcasing his unique genre-fusion to the music industry.

A Chat With Los Angeles Band Highland

Their powerful drums, clean vocals, and stellar guitar get you addicted to their sound.

Get To Know EDM Producer Chris Varvaro

It's punchy beats, thrilling builds, and satisfying drops transport you into fantasy world of glorious production. 

Pop Artist Maggie Schneider Releases "Don't Tell Me"

Her energetic and exciting voice gives us all of the Hayley Williams vibes that we could use back in our lives.

An Interview With Best Ex

The song speaks about bad decision-making, resulting in 'bad love'. Vocalist, Mariel Loveland, has put her story on the line to help others that can identify with her experiences.

Potent Pop From Payson Lewis

his tune is the perfect nod to something that everyone can relate to, leaving an unhealthy relationship.

How To Dress For A Rave (Men)

Dressing for a music festival is a bigger deal than you may think. Your outfits can make or break your entire festival experience. 

Life Of LX

Fiery pop artist, LX, is here with her latest music video for “Blame On Me." 

Ruby Red Is A Real Life Time Machine

Their video completely transports you back into the early digital age with familiar fonts, “throwback” fashion, and vintage lighting.

LOVECRAFT & Netflix Are Taking Us "Straight To Hell"

LOVECRAFT has teamed up with Kiernan Shipka and Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to bring you, “Straight To Hell”. 

Neon Dreams Doesn't Want You To Turn Back Now

This song hits home with frontman Frank Kadillac, who witnessed his mother going through chemotherapy during cancer treatment. 

The Second After is "Thinking Clear"

They give us that classic pop-punk sound that we love so much with clean vocals, punching drums, explosive guitar, and a killer key change.

TikTok Launched Audrey Mika's Music Career

You might recognize one of Audrey Mika's most popular songs, "Y U Gotta B Like That", from over 534K viral videos on TikTok. Now, it is time to start recognizing her name.

We Demand Music From We Demand Parachutes

"151" is a catalyst, putting We Demand Parachutes on the music industry map.

Embrace The Strange with Blonde Diamond

This ethereal song invites you in with its sensual vibe and calming, yet strong demeanour, with an unexpected jazz element.

Phoenix Music Festival Gives Back

M3F is all about giving back through community, culture, and charity.

Mute Choir Isn't So Mute

Their music sparks genuine thoughts and conversations that you may have never had otherwise.

Taylor Grey Has Beauty & Brains

"COMPLIC8ED" is a true bop, and a perfect little pop package.

Album Review: Mac Miller - Circles

Circles is not only an important tribute to Mac Miller and his musical legacy, but it is also a form of healing and closure for his fans, which is nothing short of a blessing.

Railbird Festival Presale Announcement

Railbird Festival is known for celebrating their Bluegrass State of Kentucky at the famous Keeneland Racecourse. 

The Original E-Boy

The music video brings "E-BOY" to life with its digital visuals, iridescent colors, and eye-catching graphics.

Top 10 Festival Personalities

Yes, I'm talking flower crowns and tiny denim shorts, no matter the occasion.

How To Dress For A Rave (Women)

Your outfits can make or break your entire festival experience. 

A Chat With Hello Forever

 Their free-spirited nature from their communal lifestyle is reflected in their ambient harmonies and vintage visuals presented in their music video. 

The Unlikely Candidates Headline The Novocaine Tour 2020

From forming a band at a high school party, to releasing EPs, The Unlikely Candidates are now on the next level in their career. 

Devin Kennedy is Not "Happy Yet"

His flawless vocals, impressive range, and unique tone lead us into a stunning soundscape of rhythmic pop goodness.

Mackenzie Nicole Drops Her Album On Valentine's Day

Not only is February 14th a day of showing love and appreciation to others, but it is also a day of showing love and appreciation to oneself, which aligns perfectly with her album.

Finally A Female Driven Rock Band

Their band name, Pollyanna, is defined as "unreasonably or illogically optimistic", which goes hand-in-hand with their lighthearted yet motivated manner. 

Neck Deep Announce Fall North American Headline Tour

Neck Deep has just announced their North American headline tour coming to you this fall with their new album, All 

Distortions Are Intentional through Hopeless Records!

Lil Xtra is Paving the Way for Emo Rappers with Latest Single "Hive"

From SoundCloud to sold-out stages, Lil Xtra is creating his own genre and is paving the way for a new wave of musicians.

40 Pop-Punk Albums From The 2000s That'll Make You Grab Your Old Chucks

While it’s apparent that pop punk began a definitive era 20 years ago, it’s also played a role in influencing the genre-fluid trends that we see musicians currently experimenting with in 2020.